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Natalie Miller


7680 S. Shingle Rd.

Shingle Springs, CA 95682


Latrobe Elementary School

Since 1865


Latrobe History

schoolhouseThe History of Latrobe School

By Joey
Artwork by Austen

I think the history of Latrobe School is very interesting and I’ll tell you some reasons why. It was very different than it is now. There was only one room in the whole school! They split the room: one side for the boys and the other side for girls. The boys and girls didn’t even play together. They had a fence in-between the play ground. The boys and girls had jobs. The boys had to keep the water bucket for drinking full and the girls took towels home to wash.

Here’s what a girl named Laura Egglof remembered….She was in school when the first automobile came through Latrobe. The kids in school were making quite a commotion in class and the teacher asked, “What is the matter?” The kids said, “We think there is a automobile coming into town.” The teacher looked out the window and said, “Class dismissed.” The kids ran to the road to see the auto drive by.

In 1915, there was a fire in Latrobe. The school burned down, so they built a new one (the building that is now the library and the 1st grade classroom), and in 1975 they built the front building (which is now the office, kindergarten and 2nd grade classrooms). In 1983, the student population grew too big for just one school, so they built Miller’s Hill School.


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